Following Orders

Following Orders Means doing what you are told to do without judging for yourself whether or not the action you are being ordered to carry out is right or wrong. obama and bush actually never killed anybody they just whisper in the ear of order following dogs like police and military and they go do it. WHY IS IT CALLED “POLICE “ STATE AND “MILITARY” DICTATORSHIP ? BECAUSE IT’S THE POLICE AND THE MILITARY THAT ACTUALLY DO IT Morality is doing the right thing no matter what you are told. police and military do what they are told no matter what’ the right thing is. police and military are diametrically opposed to morality. Police and Military Are Satanic Cult Members And Pathetic Order-Following Dogs Of Their Banker-Politician Masters They Are The House-Slaves Of The 21st Century,And Their Families And People Who Support Them Are Nazi Lovers. Order-Followingt Of Any Kind (Police Or Military) Is By Definition A Moral Abomination Because If you Take An Action Without Examining If It Is Right Or Wrong By Definition You Are Not Exercising Consciousness Which Makes You An Evil Person. They Are Just Little Boys With Mommy And Daddy Issues Who Never Grew Up And See The Government As Their Surrogate Family And Want To Appease Them By Following Commands. Are you free not to pay taxes? Are you free to disobay a cop? Are you free disagree with a politician? Are you free to oppose the state in any way? What happens if you don’t pay taxes? or disobey a cop? then the state theatens you with violence (gun jail death) take your pick. This is what the state says: YOU ARE FREE TO DO WHAT WE TELL YOU.? You Don’t obey authority police religion or government . You just obey people who call themselves authority police religion or government who try to tell you how you should live your life under the threat of a gun even if you have done nothing wrong. You are basically a slave to other people and You justify it in your mind by giving them a pseudoname “authority police religion or government”. You have allowed other people to be your master. you can justify it and euphimnize it all you want, by saying it’s for security patriotism religion police government authority teacher but it’s still slavery. every time you obey someone else’s orders they are your master and you are their slave.100 pseudonames and 1000 euphimisms won’t change that.
You look at life subjectively or from an emotional prespective i look at life objectively because i care more about the truth than peoples feelings. if you cared for reality and facts instead of appeasing your own Prejudice of what you think the military is, you would have already seen this video Live a lie if you want its your own life but i will always prefer the brutal truth to the beautiful lie
Fact! Taxation is theft, Murder is War, and Govts are criminal institutions that have monopolies on violence in a given geographical area and cops are the pawns that are just following orders
cops are never responsible for their actions, we are not angry at cops because they are hired murderers. no we are all being brainwashed by nazis. hitler didnt kill 20 million people it was the nazi cops and military that did it. stalin didnt kill 60 million people it was the soviet cops and military that did it. mao didnt kill 70 million people it was the chinese cops and military that did it. you see alex our anger might be justified. people who commit the evil act (cops and military) are always more culpable than those who give the orders. obama bush and clinton just give speeches they dont kill anyone with their own hands. but through the ACTUAL behaviour of cops and soldiers are all the atrocities manifested into reality. yes so theyare more to blame than the elite. because think about it even if we kill all the elites new world order people. as long as you have people who are willing to follow orders withou thinking then a new elite class will always replace the old one. as long as people dont understand thatf ollowing orders is immoral and evil blaming soros or obama wont do any good in the long run. following orders and obeying authority is what destroys humanity not retarted puppets like soros and obama.

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