The World We Live In

We live in a world that seems to be far ahead than it sould be.
Our humanity can’t rival our technological advancements.
Our awareness of evil can’t rival the evil that is trying to destroy us.
Our good will can’t rival our hypocrisy.
Our consciousness can’t rival our druged up retarted ego.
We are disconnected with nature because we see her as being outside instead inside of us.
We see things for what they seem to be and not for what they actually are.
We are knee deep in people full of pomposity instead of seriousness.
We deminish intelligence instead of revering it.
We project our problems on other people instead reflecting them to ourselves.
We admire physical beauty instead of spiritual.
We strive for superficiality instead of real understanding of ourselves.
We have advanced technology but we use it to destroy not to create.
We escape reality instead of embracing.
We look for god outside of us istead of inside of us.
We look for a stereotypical father figure to protect us instead of feeling secure within ourselves.
We look to be part of the collective instead of being an individual.
We fight over our differences instead of uniting under ur similarities.
We hate others because we hate ourselves.
We love others because we love ourselves.
We envy others because we don’t know ourselves.
We kill people because we have murdered our true self.
We have been severed from our spirit because we are ruled by our ego.
We mock superficial ugliness because our mind and spirit is ugly.


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