Being Free is not asking or even demanding our leaders to give freedom to us. freedom is our birthright it‘s our natural phisical and spiritual eternal right to express ourselves not the gift of a corrupt brain dead government to decide if it’s gonna give it to us or not.
propaganda is confusing what we are with what we were meant to be.
society is like a herd of sheep all you need to do to control it is to corrupt its leaders.
most people just repeat what someone else has said. sometimes they will change the terms a little bit so they confuse you as to believe it’s their own thoughts and other times they will repeat aggresively someone else’s oinion with authority to intimidate you into believing it’s their own.
the system tells you that memorizing a book and then writing it on a paper is the way to be successful but the most important people in history are the ones who challenged the system not the ones who supported it.
the system teaches us that giving into fear is bravery, lying and manipulating is moral, paranoia is patriotism, two party dictatorship is democracy and bombing and killing people are peacekeeping missions.
humans are slaves because they don’t learn from their mistakes and countries are under tyrants because they don’t learn from history.


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