Obedience To Authority

School exists to create an artificial obedience to authority that kids don’t have naturally.

School tells you everything is awful. you, your parents, social circle, society, your town, your country, the world, nature, the enviroment, the sea, the sky, other people.

the reason they do that is because they want to create artificial fear so you become part of the collective in order to be protected instead of being an individual and face all those awful things by yourself.

The minute you do that you murder your own self and the only thing that remains is an artificial persona you have created in order to be liked and accepted by everyone else instead of your true self

Most people either live the delusion of the master or the delusion of the slave.

A truly free man doesn’t get tyranised and doesn’t tyranise either.

He doesn’t get enslaved and doesn’t enslave either.


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