Greece No Longer Exists.

A person Without Identity & Self Awareness Is A Walking Meat-sack A Country Without A Unique Culture & Identity Is Just Dirt With Imaginary Lines (Borders) Greece Is Not My Country Because My Country No Longer Exists. Now It’s Just A Geographical Area Which Is Part Of A Fascistic Unfettered Bureaucracy Otherwise Known As The European Union.


One thought on “Greece No Longer Exists.

  1. A fucking shame I got a house here then. Shit. I despise these walking sacks of TRASH walking around. I listen to their conversations, look at their body language, and on the days I feel particularly suicidal, I talk to them. GAMW TO MOUNI POU TOUS KSERNAGE. Talking to them is useless. The only thing they are good for is being slaves. Nothing more. They don’t care about anything. They are nihilistic beyond words. They are driving me insane. So I just ignore them (unless I have to work. God I dread having to interact with them).

    So yeah I am glad that at least one more person in this country feels the same way that I do. That makes 3 of us that I know of so far.


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