Until 2-3 years ago I Was A Pure Anarchist…(meaning no masters no slaves) but, since the latest muslim envasion of Europe

and my own country greece I realised.. as long as you have a socialist welfare state government

you cannot have open borders because all the low IQ third world trash will come to your country looking for a hand-out

However If We Lived In A Society without government or a non -Socialist government then Open Borders would be Great

because in a pure free market the people with the highest IQ are the most successful so basically

you get the best people out of every culture . you would get all the high IQ muslims africans asian japanese souh americans.

because in a free market society the more competent you are the more successful you become and, because

a rising tide lifts all boats in the long run you would have zero poverty. but of course low iq morons

only care about consuming in the here and now they don’t give a shit about the future. They only pretend to care about the

future like global warming as a means to exploit you through government scams like carbon taxes and foreign aid.

So To Make A Long Story Short You Could Say I Am A Closed Borders Anarchist…If Thats Even A Thing Because You

Have To Use The State To Close The Borders…So i dont know what The fuck I Am i Just Know open borders and a welfare state

is a recipe for culture and civilisation suicide.

I Was Very Into The David Icke Stuff And In A Sense I Still Am. I read Some Of His Books. His Trademark Phrase

“We Are All One” always rang true to me. But Think Of The Migrant Crisis. if the Cultures invading your country

through The So Called “Migrant Crisis” more like The “White European Replacement Program” Dont Believe “we are all one”

and you do. they will fucking kill you. they will take over your country rape your daughter s and make you their slaves

You will basically be exterminated. “we Are All one” sounds good in theory. but in practice its suicide.


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