You Cannot Make Mistakes Anymore

A lot of problems stem from the fact that we live in an era where there is no room for error.

you can’t choose the wrong career(college too expensive). If youd You Will be miserable and a debt slave to college tuition until you die.

you cant marry the wrong chick(divorce too deadly). if you do she will take your house your kids and you willbecome her slave through alimony and child support payments

you cannot have the wrong friends because if you say the “wrong thing” or if you are politically incorrect, they will penalise you as a thought criminal and you will be ostracised

Obedience To Authority

School exists to create an artificial obedience to authority that kids don’t have naturally.

School tells you everything is awful. you, your parents, social circle, society, your town, your country, the world, nature, the enviroment, the sea, the sky, other people.

the reason they do that is because they want to create artificial fear so you become part of the collective in order to be protected instead of being an individual and face all those awful things by yourself.

The minute you do that you murder your own self and the only thing that remains is an artificial persona you have created in order to be liked and accepted by everyone else instead of your true self

Most people either live the delusion of the master or the delusion of the slave.

A truly free man doesn’t get tyranised and doesn’t tyranise either.

He doesn’t get enslaved and doesn’t enslave either.

Internal Monarchy Creates External Anarchy

if you own your self meaning thoughts emotions and actions or the holy trinity then you dont
havethe disire to own someone else.
the external disire to control other people always comes from internal insecurity
But internal anarchy creates external monarchy

if you dont own your self meaning thoughts emotions and actions then
you are looking for someone else to own them.
internal masters dont need external slaves or masters
but internal slaves need both external masters and external slaves
internal order creates external harmony. internal chaos creates external chaos.

Soft propaganda concerning soldiers and cops

Notice the language and soft propaganda concerning soldiers and cops used to brainwash people: obama “send” them there.
no he DIDN’T he just gave an order and they went by themselves according to their own will.
they are not fucking robots they are human beings with free will who make their own choices.
stop taking away moral responsibility from soldiers. that’s like saying the nazis were ordered
to kill all those jews by hitler so they had no choice but to obey. NO NO NO nazis made a choice to
kill jews like us soldiers made a choice to go to ebola areas or made a choice to kill kids in iraq like
cops made a choice to kill protestors. Stop blaming the masters “government” for the behaviour of
the house slaves “cops and soldiers”. when “islamic terrorists” blow something up you don’t blame their
government you blame them, but when us soldiers and cops kill people it’s always some idiotic politician’s
fault never the cops or the soldier’s fault. I FUCKING DESPISE OBAMA BUT he has never killed anyone with his
own hands he just says shit on a podium. it’s the people who obey obama’s orders that kill people like cops
and soldiers but you never blame them do you because you don’t want to lose your precious listeners.
ATROCITIES they are not infants without moral culpability they are people who make personal conscious


Being Free is not asking or even demanding our leaders to give freedom to us. freedom is our birthright it‘s our natural phisical and spiritual eternal right to express ourselves not the gift of a corrupt brain dead government to decide if it’s gonna give it to us or not.
propaganda is confusing what we are with what we were meant to be.
society is like a herd of sheep all you need to do to control it is to corrupt its leaders.
most people just repeat what someone else has said. sometimes they will change the terms a little bit so they confuse you as to believe it’s their own thoughts and other times they will repeat aggresively someone else’s oinion with authority to intimidate you into believing it’s their own.
the system tells you that memorizing a book and then writing it on a paper is the way to be successful but the most important people in history are the ones who challenged the system not the ones who supported it.
the system teaches us that giving into fear is bravery, lying and manipulating is moral, paranoia is patriotism, two party dictatorship is democracy and bombing and killing people are peacekeeping missions.
humans are slaves because they don’t learn from their mistakes and countries are under tyrants because they don’t learn from history.