Women The Cock Carusel & The Wall


About 30 Years ago women started acting like gay men with vaginas. gay men historically don’t have children so they tend to pursuit

the hedonistic aspects of life (partying, multiple partners non-commital relationships promiscuity, unprotected sex).

So Women Like Gay Men started looking for the pretty boys instead of responsible stable men.

Now the vast majority of people don’t have any character constitution or moral principles they live by, they just adapt to their enviroment.

so if you live in a cristian culture women are modest wait to have sex until marriage,

but if you live in a secular culture where instant gratification is the main non-value

then women become irresponsible sluts who fuck pretty boys throughout their 20s and then in their early 30s when they hit “the wall”

they want to “settle”. But By The They Are washed up whores that no man with self-respect wants to marry & Have a family with.

Why Truth Tellers Like Mark Passio Quit The “Freedom-Populist Movement”

Well I Believe It’s Mainly 2 Reasons:

1st…Lack Of Mindset

2nd…..high expectations

Let’s Start With The 2nd: If you listen to Mark Passio’s clips he always ad high expectations of other people’s behaviour or other people

code of conduct. he thought just because he made great arguement for somethingfor example.. anarchism everybody should become an anarchist.

he was too impatient and too eager to get results. he expected people to behave a certain way. he thought order-followers

should just stop being order-followers just because he made a great arguement. Now This Is Not putting Mark On blast… Mainly Because He is

correct. Everybody Should Be An Anarchist And Nobody Should Be An Order-follower, but it also shows a sense of entitlement on his part. WHY?

Because he assumed people had to listen to him, people should come to him for answers, people should follow his advice just because

it’s based on logic. he thought what he said was too important for him to appeal to people’s biases and irrationalities…

But the truth is nobody has to do anything. if you think your message is important you are the one who needs to sell it to the masses

but that doesn’t mean they are obligated to buy it. If You want the world to change you have to be willing to become a leader which

requires you to go in the pit of irrationality and pull people out of it instead of standing at the top yelling the truth where nobody

can really hear you. It’s Important To Have Great Material Like Mark Has but It’s Also Important To Market & Promote Your Material

on multiple platforms to get maximum audience.. but mark was unwilling to do that for whatever reason. thats why he wasn’t moving the needle

as fast as he wanted to move it. Ther Is A Famous phrase Among Companies. “90% Of A Product’s Success Is Promtion” & Did Not Do That.

Now Let’s Examine The 1st Reason: “Lack Of Mindset”

If You listen to his podcast he would get way too angry at trolls & negative morons too easily. For Me This All Boils Down To Mark’s Lack Of Emotional

Control because he allowed outside influences like trolls haters and other low IQ morons in general to dictate his mood.Do You Know

How Many People Have Thrown Shade At Me 100s maybe even 1000s.it Doesn’t effect me because think it through i provide a free product

that takes a good chunk of my time to produce and takes time out of my relationships. now what kind of “people” bitch and nag about free wisdom??? T-R-A-S-H

These people Are Just a bunch of low IQ trash shilling for the establishment status quo. they are nothing and their shade is nothing

but because mark lacks emotional control, he would allow haters to ruin his day.


Virtue Attracts Virtue


Before You Are A Man Of Value & Mentally Unslave Yourself. Even If The Right Woman Come Along You Are Not Gonna Be Ready

For It & The Relationship Is Gonna Fail. Once You Sort Your Self Out And You Are A Made Man & Successful

The Great Woman Or Man Is Gonna Be Easy To Find, because like attracts Like Competence Attracts Competence. Virtue Attracts Virtue



Until 2-3 years ago I Was A Pure Anarchist…(meaning no masters no slaves) but, since the latest muslim envasion of Europe

and my own country greece I realised.. as long as you have a socialist welfare state government

you cannot have open borders because all the low IQ third world trash will come to your country looking for a hand-out

However If We Lived In A Society without government or a non -Socialist government then Open Borders would be Great

because in a pure free market the people with the highest IQ are the most successful so basically

you get the best people out of every culture . you would get all the high IQ muslims africans asian japanese souh americans.

because in a free market society the more competent you are the more successful you become and, because

a rising tide lifts all boats in the long run you would have zero poverty. but of course low iq morons

only care about consuming in the here and now they don’t give a shit about the future. They only pretend to care about the

future like global warming as a means to exploit you through government scams like carbon taxes and foreign aid.

So To Make A Long Story Short You Could Say I Am A Closed Borders Anarchist…If Thats Even A Thing Because You

Have To Use The State To Close The Borders…So i dont know what The fuck I Am i Just Know open borders and a welfare state

is a recipe for culture and civilisation suicide.

I Was Very Into The David Icke Stuff And In A Sense I Still Am. I read Some Of His Books. His Trademark Phrase

“We Are All One” always rang true to me. But Think Of The Migrant Crisis. if the Cultures invading your country

through The So Called “Migrant Crisis” more like The “White European Replacement Program” Dont Believe “we are all one”

and you do. they will fucking kill you. they will take over your country rape your daughter s and make you their slaves

You will basically be exterminated. “we Are All one” sounds good in theory. but in practice its suicide.

Greece No Longer Exists.

A person Without Identity & Self Awareness Is A Walking Meat-sack A Country Without A Unique Culture & Identity Is Just Dirt With Imaginary Lines (Borders) Greece Is Not My Country Because My Country No Longer Exists. Now It’s Just A Geographical Area Which Is Part Of A Fascistic Unfettered Bureaucracy Otherwise Known As The European Union.

You Cannot Make Mistakes Anymore

A lot of problems stem from the fact that we live in an era where there is no room for error.

you can’t choose the wrong career(college too expensive). If youd You Will be miserable and a debt slave to college tuition until you die.

you cant marry the wrong chick(divorce too deadly). if you do she will take your house your kids and you willbecome her slave through alimony and child support payments

you cannot have the wrong friends because if you say the “wrong thing” or if you are politically incorrect, they will penalise you as a thought criminal and you will be ostracised