Express Yourself With Your Actions Not Your Words

The Biggest Self-Raealisation I Had A Year Ago Is:
That In The Areas Of My Life Where I Was Assertive And Ruthless In My Actions I Was Quite And Calm Or Even Kind In My speech And In My Tone.
But In Areas Of My Life Where I Was Passive And A Coward In My Actions I Was Passive-Aggresive Nasty Snippy Or Even Outright Angry In My speech And In My Tone.
When I Am Angry In My Speech And Tone But Completely Malleable In My Actions I Would Feel Like People Were Taking Advantage Of Me And I Was Being Passively Taking It And Doing Nothing Like A Coward.
So If A Friend Betrayed Me And They Were Still In My Life I Would Constantly Be Angry At Them. But In Reality I Was Angry At Myself Beacause I Couldn’t Cut Them Out Of My Life. I Was Angry At Myself Because I Gave Up On My Standards So I Could Still Be Around People Who Disrespect Me.
But When I Started Being Decisive In My Actions And Cut The Bad People Out Of My Life, Suddenly My Tone And Speech Changed, They Became Calm And Kind Because My Decisive Actions Told The Story instead of My tone And Speech


My Message To Single Mothers Bitching About My Youtube Videos

these videos are about prevention. i dont care how you cope with your bad decisions. i care that other young people dont make the same bad decisions as you. my job is to prevent the disaster that is single motherhood not fix it, because its not fixable. your kids are gonna suffer the consequences of being raised without a dad no matter what you do, you robbed your children of a good childhood by having kids with a loser.

Virtue Attracts Virtue


Before You Are A Man Of Value & Mentally Unslave Yourself. Even If The Right Woman Come Along You Are Not Gonna Be Ready

For It & The Relationship Is Gonna Fail. Once You Sort Your Self Out And You Are A Made Man & Successful

The Great Woman Or Man Is Gonna Be Easy To Find, because like attracts Like Competence Attracts Competence. Virtue Attracts Virtue