Classic Pro Vaccine Propaganda On Television

Pro Vaccine Propaganda On House MD

Young Mother: No formula, just mommy’s healthy natural breast milk.

House: Yummy.

Young Mother: Her whole face just got swollen like this overnight.

House: Mmhmm. No fever, glands normal, missing her vaccination dates.

Young Mother: We’re not vaccinating.

Young Mother: [Takes a toy frog and starts to make frog sounds] Gribbit, gribbit, gribbit. [Giggles]

[Baby smiles and giggles too]

House: Think they don’t work?

Young Mother: I think some multinational pharmaceutical company wants me to think they work. Pad their bottom line.

House: Mmmm. May I? [He takes the frog and starts to do the gribbit noise with the baby]

Young Mother: [Whispered] Sure.

House: Gribbit, gribbit, gribbit. [The baby laughs] All natural no dyes. That’s a good business: all-natural children’s toys. Those toy companies, they don’t arbitrarily mark up their frogs. They don’t lie about how much they spend in research and development. The worst a toy company can be accused of is making a really boring frog.

[Young Mother laughs and so does House. The baby giggles again]

House: Gribbit, gribbit, gribbit. You know another really good business? Teeny tiny baby coffins. You can get them in frog green or fire engine red. Really. The antibodies in yummy mummy only protect the kid for 6 months, which is why these companies think they can gouge you. They think that you’ll spend whatever they ask to keep your kid alive. Want to change things? Prove them wrong. A few hundred parents like you decide they’d rather let their kid die then cough up 40 bucks for a vaccination, believe me, prices will drop REALLY fast. Gribbit, gribbit, gribbit, gribbit, gribbit.

Young Mother: Tell me what she has.

House: A cold.


My Message To Single Mothers Bitching About My Youtube Videos

these videos are about prevention. i dont care how you cope with your bad decisions. i care that other young people dont make the same bad decisions as you. my job is to prevent the disaster that is single motherhood not fix it, because its not fixable. your kids are gonna suffer the consequences of being raised without a dad no matter what you do, you robbed your children of a good childhood by having kids with a loser.

Being In Love Vs Marriage Material

First Of All Let Me Clarify What “being in love” Means For Me Because The Term Is Too Vague And There Are A Lot Of Interpretations Out There And The Term Means Alot Of Different Thing To Different People. For Me Personally It Means These Three Things.

1st LUST. Relationships Purely On The Basis Of Attractiveness And Social Economic Status. Basically Rich Alpha Males Marry Pretty Chicks At Percieved Peak Sexual Market Value. That Would Usually Mean A Man At his mid to late 30s and a woman at her early to mid 20s. Of Course there are variations to that rule and there are occasions when rich women marry young men but please don’t waste your time looking for the exception while ignoring the rule.

2nd. PUPPY LOVE. That Would be either marrying the first girl you fell for when you were 15, or if you are a beta male marrying the first woman who paid attention to you out of fear and insecurity because you either know or are afraid you can’t do any better.

3rd EMOTIONAL CODEPENDENCE. Those are codependent relationships are usually the fusion of two traumatic childhoods as stefan molyneux likes to put it, this is when your unresolved issues and emotional scars from your childhood determine your future dating destiny. Basically what I mean is that you are dating or form “friendships” with people who mirror or closely resemble the characteristics and behavioral patterns of your childhood victimisers. For Example If Your Mother Verbally Abused Or Played the victim all the time without taking any responsibility for her actions, if you lack self-knowledge and self-awereness when you become an adult you will likely date people who treat you the same way, and thats because reliving that childhood trauma makes you feel at home and comfortable. but that feeling won’t last because managing the drama of those codependent relationships eventually gets exhausting and self-destructive.

Now For The More Positive Part Of This Post.

These Are The Three Core Principals I Personally Have Witnessed Successful And Happy Marriages Being based Upon.

1st MUTUAL RESPECT AND ADMIRATION. First And Foremost You Have To Respect Each Other For Who You Are As A Person. Then Acknoledge And Recognise Each Other’s Strength’s And Weeknessess. That Will Help You Figure Out Each Other’s Roles In A relationship. The Man And The Woman Should Be In Charge Of The Areas They Are Clearly Better On. By Trusting Your Wife Or Husband To Be In Charge In Areas They Are Better Than You, It Means You Respect, Admire And Ultimately Trust Them To Do What Is In Your Best Interest As A Couple. For Example I Am Good At Thinking Of The Big Picture And Planning Ahead And My Wife Is Good At Managing The Everyday Small Picture Type Of Things. And Make No Mistake In a Relationship They Are Both Equally As Important. We Are Equal But We Have Completely Different Roles Which Is What Makes Us Happy.

2nd SHARED VALUES. From My Experience A Relationship Is At Its Best When The Partners Have Different Personalities But Have Similar Values. For Example I Am An Introvert And My Wife Is An Extrovert, But We Are Both Anarchists And Anti Government. We Both Agree That Our Future Kids Will Not Go To Daycares Or Public School, we are both against spanking or verbal abuse,we both agree that my wife will breastfead and stay home to raise the kids and be a housewife. We Are Different In Personality And The Way We Do Things But In A Sense We have the same goals the Same Guiding Principles We Live By.

3rd CHARACTER COMPATIBILITY. We Are Both Honest But We Express Our Honesty Differently. My Wife Will Tell You The Truth With A positive Spin On It, But I Will Tell You The Truth With A Negative Spin On It, But We both Like To Tell The Truth. NO SMALL OR BIG LIES. We Also Both Have Courage But We Express It Differently And We Choose Specific Situations To Express It. We Both Encourage Each Other Without Nagging.

Now To Finish This Post I Will Say That Marriages out Of LUST,  PUPPY LOVE Or/And EMOTIONAL CODEPENDENCE Feel Great At The Beginning but burn out fast, break down after the first few years and leave emotionally distraught and broken. But Marriages Out Of MUTUAL RESPECT AND ADMIRATION, SHARED VALUES And CHARACTER COMPATIBILITY Last Forever Because there is no drama and if conflict arises every now and then it’s easily solved because you both operate under the same core first principals.

Single Mothers & Their White Knights Are A Cancer To Civilised Society

now before i begin i write this post because i care & i stand for the kids who are innocent and were put in psycho-manufacturing daycares and raised without a father.

single mothers are usually badly raised women riddled with self-hatred that hate children because they see themselves in them so they use their own kids as collateral damage to collect welfare benefits from the government. Now even if you happen to be the exception to the rule you should still recognise that you belong to that group, and the single mother stain is very difficult to wash out, and as far as i can tell even so called “good single mothers” don’t own the fact that being a single mother is their own fault for fucking irresponsible losers. own your bad choices especially to your children or they will repeat your bad choices
Now Expanding on that First Of All you have to recognise that you are a single mother (widows & other rare exceptions excluded). this is not by accident, things don’t just happen. your own choices led you to become a single mother. if you dont want your children to have the same life as you, you need to explain them that 1st being a single mother is a bad thing and 2nd it was your own bad choices that led you to become a single mother. now if you dont tell your kids those 2 things it means you are a bad mother because you will obscure the truth to them just so you can excuse & justify your bad choices as mistakes and “things happen” bullshit phrases. TELL YOUR KIDS THE TRUTH. you were an irresponsible woman who liked having unprotected sex with “bad boys”. you liked the thrill so you didn’t care about the consequences of getting pregnant.

Excuses single mothers use….
1st: Life happens? you chose to fuck thugs and losers and your kids will be the ones to suffer for your bad decisions by being raised without a father and being dumped into psycho-creating daycares. take some fucking responsibility.

2nd: Working Mom? if you are working who is raising your children. the government and psycho-creating daycares. stop glorifying single motherhood, its toxic and destructive for children. you chose to fuck losers. OWN THAT or your children will repeat your bad choices

3rd: single moms are victims of men? you chose to spread your legs for thugs and bad boys and when they turn out to be unreliable you bitch and complain. you take no personal responsibility for fucking a thug in the first place.
all women who chose to fuck ireesponsible thugs and then became single mothers are trash., thats all there is to it.

i stand for the kids who are innocent and were put in psycho-manufacturing daycares and raised without a father. you stand with irresponsible women who fuck thugs and then blame men


The “Trust Dear Leader” Attitude Towards Donald Trump Is Toxic

I Am Actually Surprised how many people have a “dear-leader boner” for Donald Trump given the fact that he run on an already rising populist platform
which promoted self-determination individualism and critical thinking. just trusting trump is the opposite of that. trusting leaders is the opposite of
an individualist or a populist. its the mindset of a collectivist which is the way fascists and communists think.
we have to stop thinking of trusting trump, instead we have to think of how to use trump as a way to furthe push and magnify our own populist and nationalistic “america first” agenda.
it’s the principles and the ideas of our populist movement that matter not trmp himself, even though we can apreciate what he accomplished and did for us.
But this dear leader mindset people have towards trump is toxic because it puts trump above the ideas of the movement we are all part of.
and we have to remind ourselves that globalists have used every group the left the right and the green and whatever other movement they can co-opt to further their own agenda
which is total control of society by a world government technocratic bureaucracy. and we also similarly have to use every tool in our disposal to direct the world
towards freedom which can only come by limiting the power of the state by any means necessary, and if trump can help us achieve that in any way we have to side
with him as a temporary ally and not worship him as a leader. that will get us nowhere. Collectist ideologies like socialism fascism communism are so toxic because in their core,
they reward failure and punish success. thats why productive people have to join together and fight against all collectivist ideologies, and make no mistake
The “Trust Dear Leader” Mindset people have Towards Trump is a form of collectivist thinking. PLUS consider that worshiping people and begging for a leader is pathetic
and shows a lack of Self-respect so don’t do it. Never forget We either fight for freedom or We’re on our knees licking the boots of globalist pedophiles



All Cops Are Bad People By Dr. Robert Higgs

The Whole “Good/Bad Cop” Question Can Be Disposed Of Much More Decisively. We Need Not Enumerate What
Porpotion Of Cops Appears To Be Good Or Listen To Someone’s Anecdote About His Uncle Charlie, An Allegedly Good Cop.
We Need Only Consider The Following:

(1) Every Cop Has Agreed As Part Of His Job To Enforce Laws, All Of Them
(2) Many Of The Laws Are Manifestly Unjust, And Some Are Even Cruel & Wicked.
(3) Therefore, Every Cop Has Agreed To Act As An Enforcer Of Laws That Are Manifestly Unjust, Or Even Cruel & Wicked

Thus There Are No Good Cops