Express Yourself With Your Actions Not Your Words

The Biggest Self-Raealisation I Had A Year Ago Is:
That In The Areas Of My Life Where I Was Assertive And Ruthless In My Actions I Was Quite And Calm Or Even Kind In My speech And In My Tone.
But In Areas Of My Life Where I Was Passive And A Coward In My Actions I Was Passive-Aggresive Nasty Snippy Or Even Outright Angry In My speech And In My Tone.
When I Am Angry In My Speech And Tone But Completely Malleable In My Actions I Would Feel Like People Were Taking Advantage Of Me And I Was Being Passively Taking It And Doing Nothing Like A Coward.
So If A Friend Betrayed Me And They Were Still In My Life I Would Constantly Be Angry At Them. But In Reality I Was Angry At Myself Beacause I Couldn’t Cut Them Out Of My Life. I Was Angry At Myself Because I Gave Up On My Standards So I Could Still Be Around People Who Disrespect Me.
But When I Started Being Decisive In My Actions And Cut The Bad People Out Of My Life, Suddenly My Tone And Speech Changed, They Became Calm And Kind Because My Decisive Actions Told The Story instead of My tone And Speech


The Evil Of The Welfare State

First of all the welfare state is a government program
and since everything the government does is violence and theft of course the welfare state is immoral,
but lets break it down a bit.

Human Wants And Human Desrires Are infinte
so if someone wants a car does that give you the right to steal my car
so lets say my friend is sick and for some reason he diddnt buy insurance
and she needs an expensive form of treatment.
he has 2 options
1st he can come and ask me for help he can appeal to our friendship
2nd you come to my house you pull a gun on me and force me to give you money so you can get the help you need
now instead of pulling a hun on me he could hire a 3rd person to do it like the mafia or the government
thats what the welfare state is a gun in your face
the welfare state is violence via proxy through the government.

Lets take another approach to this
If You Asked people in large number if they would help starving children most would say yes
And The Answer is just do it why do you need a government to do it for you.
you dont like people starving in the streets
So the answer is get together form charity commit to making donations every month and go help the homeless
or start a business and hire those people giving them a second chance
but why does your first thought is getting the government that uses a gun to do it for you
that steals our money and is completely inefficient in its redistribution.
Just Voluntarily go help peple stop using the government gun.
i am all for having a safety net or a welfare state i just believe it should be voluntary
and done through private charity not forced or coerced government redistribution.
getting the state to steal the money of rich people and give it to poor people doesnt make you moral
it makes a supporter of theft.
so you want ab welfare state go form a private charity but dont force me to participate
through the gun of the state.

All I Want Is A Voluntary Society
I Want Government Coercion Taken Out Of The equation.

Now Let’s Talk About The Economics Of A Welfare State
in a welfare state you take the people who produce the most, who work the hardest, who create the most value,
and you tax them the most and regulate them the most and you punish them throught the government the most,
with the hope that they stop producing as much in order to redistribute their wealth their money
to people who either can’t produce anywhere near as much or they are not willing to because they are lazy.

Now Does that sound like a sane system to anybody???

Now if the state taxes and regulates and punishes the most productive more and more and society calls them
capitalist scam then what motivates those same people to keep producing and keep working for that society.
I would say nothing
and thats how you eventually get venezuela and cuba
the productive people either flee get on welfare or get killed like white farmers in south africa
the incentive for working hard is living a great life
so if the state removes that incentive through heavy taxation
productive people stop working and everyone dtarves to death.

eventually In all Socialist nations productive people either leave the country or
stop working because if the state is gonna steal most of it in the end what’s the point.

So in essence you have very negative incentives to work and produce
nd very positive incentives not to work and not to produce.

The Welfare State legitimises laziness because if lazy and productive people are paid the same
why even work in the first place. wat are you? A chump.

If you want to talk about the welfare state you have to mention scandanavia
because those countries have decent economies and huge welfare states.

First of all america and scandanavian countries are like identical twins in terms of how their
governments operate economically. you have welfare state heavy taxation heavy regulation and redistribution
so the us and scandanavian countries are not that different and america regulates even more than
countries like denmark Who dont regulate banks and the finace industry nearly as bad as the us
or sweden that has provate charter schools competing wih each other for student and parent can spend
their tax dollars on schools of their choice so there is a lot of competition.and norway that has been in
the limelight recently with trump it has a lot of natural resources and sells a lot of oil
in rich asian countries lik hong kong and singapoure.
Now Scandanavian countries like sweden used to be capitalists until the early 60s when the adopted socilism
meaning welfare state heavy taxation heavy regulation and redistribution and went bankrupt in the early 90s.
So please people shut the fuck up about scandanavia.
so in the mid 90s sweden started reducing regulations and government spending cutting down on welfare programs
so in essence sweden started reducing the size of their government and As a result their economy bounced back.
But the economy is not nearly as good as it was pre-socialism.

Is Money & Banking Good Or Evil & Bitcoin

Is Money Good Or Evil & Bitcoin
what is money?
the fed prints close to 100 billion$ per month
is that really money?
What is this paper we carry around in our pocket
What does it represent
why do we use it
where does it come from
So money is a medium of exchange its purchasing power it allows me to buy staff i want.
So Lets tackle this through apophasis through negation
what did you do before there was no money?
not efficient not productive at all
because if your chickens are worth half a cow then you cant cut the cow in half since you want it alive
not a good way of exchanging stuff
so we needed to come up with something that facilitates the exchange between milk and eggs or cows & chickens
So We come up with this medium of exchange called money that facilitates these transactions. we used other things than money as a medium of exchange like tabacco in colonnial america or woks in china or precius metals.
all those mediums have one thing in common, They are limited because you dont want money to be plentiful or unlimited you dont want money to be easy to create.
Money in a free market is simply a medium of transaction or exchange
so how do we get money?
we get money by creating stuff by building stuff
we get money by being productive by being efficient by being innovative by working hard by providing a service in the free market a lot of people are willing to pay for,
and the more productive we are in a free market the more money we make.
So money in a sense is a reflection of our own productivity of the value our hard work has added to society. money is a reflection of our success.
In My Opinion money shoildn’t be your end goal because it doesn’t guarantee happiness
Most wealthy people still work because money is a measure of success
its proof of your contributions and the value you have added to society. Having money is also a sign of social status.
Money in a sense is a mechanism by which we exchange value for value
in a free market you become rich by providing a product your costumers want
by providing a product that improves their lives.
money is a measure of how good you are at satisfying your costumers wants and demands. Money is a measure of how valueable society thinks the service you have created is.
Money has been portrayed in almost every society around the world as the root of all evil.
Money is actually the opposite its the root of all good because its a tool society uses to measure one man’s contributions to te rest of the world.
its a way to measure your success and how the service you provide makes people’s lives better.
This is the essence of trade.
who loses in a trade?
Nobody loses its a win-win
you give me money for a product that will improve your life more than that specific amount of money you just paod me for it.
So If I give you 10000$ for a Car That Means I believe the car will improve my life more than the 10000$.
Money is a great thing because in a free market money is the facilitator of win-win transactions
we should celebrate people who have earned their money in the free market (and not through government scams ) because that means they provide great value to the rest of society.
so you want money to be something precious
something thats hard to come by
something tha can only grow so much
you dont want it to be plentiful or unlimited (BITCOIN)
you want your medium of exchange to have value that people will always want not just for money for example you can use gold or silver for jewelery or something like that
it cannot be something you will just throw away if you cant use it as a medium of exchange.
Now Why Does Bitcoin Fit Tt Criteria
Why Is Bitcoin interesting
bitcoin has the same traits or characteristics as a precious metal
it has limited supply (21 million bitcoins)
its released slowly it does not flood the market because its very difficult to mine
People are willing to accept it for transaction as a medium of exchange
bitcoins allows for transactions to be invisable in a time big brother nsa is watching. bitcoin ressurects the anonimity money used to have, before the federal reserve.
Now we all want money we all need money we all use money but deep down money makes us unconfortable people who pursue money as their goal are seen as selfish greedy self interested and we are very weary of them. And that attitude is reflected in society our culture has aadopted that attitude about money which is also perpetuated to young kids through the school and college system which is run by the government and it teaches kids to have
a negative attitude and a negative image towards people who become rich through the free market because free market capitalism is the main enemy of the government monopolies.

why is banking such a fucking mess of epic porpotions
its not because bankers are evil. its because we use the
government to regulate the shit out of them
since we dont trust people who want to make money.
now in america you havent had real banking
since the federal reserve was established and central banking took root on america in 1913 banking has been entangled with the government so much
that it is no longer its own industry. We don’t trust bankers or self-interested people who go after money so we get the state to regulate them to death.
i mean it’s a disaster banks are barely surviving and you have the
regulators constantly breathing down their neck. for entrepreneurs to thrive you need small banks and venture capitalists to provide them with capitals and small business loans so they can start their businesses. because no matter how great your idea as a businessman is without money it will never get of the ground. So without a free healthy Banking System free of government coercion you cant have a free market.
And let me touch on one of my pet peves a little bit. all you hear all day is DERIVITIVES you hear it from the schools colleges the fake news media
and that fucking zeitgeist movie. oh my god i fuking hate communist shithead peter joseph.
They all blame the 2008 financial crisis on fucking DERIVITIVES.
The crisis happened because Of The
federal reserve (GOVERNMENT) centrally planned banking (NO FREE MARKET)
1971 no gold standard (GOVERNMENT) unlimited fiat money printing (NO FREE MARKET)
and the 1984 too big to fail legislation (GOVERNMENT) which allowed big banks to take risks reap the rewards the profits and if those risks failed and they went bankrupt they would be bailed out by the tax-payers, so they didn’t invest their money properly. (NO FREE MARKET)

10 Reasons DACA Will Ruin America Forever

First Of All The DACA Bill Itself Contains Too Many Loopholes Exactly Like The Reegan Amnesty Bill Of 1986. Even If You Set Strict Creteria For Dreamers To Stay In The United States, Any Liberal Judge Can Grant Amnesty To Illegals In A Whim Like They Did In California Up To 2007 For Over 20 Years Turning It Blue Forever.

Regular Americans Flat Out reject amnesty Because It Completely Disregards The Rule Of Law And itsimply incentivizes and rewards illegal aliens for breaking the law. Passing DACA will just encourage more people to unlawfully enter America expecting all the benefits Law-abiding citizens enjoy and more. if the congress passes DACA what would STOP lawmakers in the future from to another amnesty, for another group, and another one after that?

1. DACA Is NOT Limited to Children.The Average age of dreamers is 25 and a lot of them are over 30

2. DACA will be funded by law-abiding tax-paying americans who voted for trump primarily because he was strong on immigration (BUILD THE WALL) thust this is a total betrayal of trump’s base. Tax-Payers Will have to front the bill for the education welfare food stamps helthcare dental care and unemployment benefits for those illegals.

3. DACA PROVIDES PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW FOR ANY ILLEGAL ALIEN, Including Criminals like ms-13 gangs or la raza From Being Removed or Deported If They Simply Submit An Application to The courts.

4. Under DACA illegal aliens with no ID from failed states like somalia haiti or venezuela Will Be Eligible For Amnesty Under The DACA

5. Under DACA EVEN Criminal Aliens like drunk drivers Will Be Eligible For Amnesty DACA allows applicants that are convicted from 1 felony up to 3 misdemeanors.

6. Conservative Estimates Suggest That At Least 800.000 Illegal Aliens Will Be Eligible For the DACA Amnesty bill. But In Reality We Have No Idea How Many Illegal Aliens Will Apply and with chain Migration that number could reach at least 5 million illegals.

7. DACA Does Not Require That An Illegal Alien be Literate speak english or even attempt to assimilate to the host country America. There Are No Conditions Or Standards For Receiving Amnesty Through DACA.

8. Even Though Fake News Media Propaganda Tells You That Dreamers Serve In The Military. DACA Does Not Require That an Illegal Alien Complete Military Service As A Condition For Amnesty, and There Is already A Legal Process In Place For Illegal Aliens to Obtain U.S. Citizenship Through Military Service

9. Despite Entering The Country Illegally And Breaking The Law, DACA Amnesty Receipients Will Be Given All The Rights That Legal Immigrants Who Went Through The Long Process Of Becoming Citizens Receive Thus Making A Mockery Of The Rule Of Law. They will also have the Legal Right To Sponsor Their Parents and Extended Family Members Through Immigration.

10. Current Illegal Aliens Will Get Federal Student Loans, Federal Work Study Programs, and Other Forms of Federal Financial Aid like education welfare food stamps helthcare dental care and unemployment benefits without having paid anything into the system first.

Last But Not Least I Want To Remind Peole That The True Purpose Of DACA Amnesty is Demographic Replacement Like The Reegan Amnesty Bill Of 1986 in California. 3rd worlders vote for socialism and big government dependence, in contrast white conservitives vote for small government and want to be left alone to pursue their dreams without state interference.

Right Wing Vs Left Wing Mindsets

Most people are born neutrual our personalities have inclinaions of course and our genetics are partly our destiny but what yeilds the most influence throughout our lives In How We act, behave, eat, think and live is the ideas in our heads or the ideologies that structure our belief system.
There Are Two Major Ideologies Running Parallel In This World
Right Wing Vs Left Wing
Populism Vs Globalism
Individualism Vs Collectivism
Voluntaryism Vs Statism


An Individualist tries to improve and control his inner self (his emotions his thoughts and his actions) but a Collectivist tries to control And “improve” other people (Their emotions Their thoughts and Their actions)
An Individualist believes in meritocracy he likes people on 1 to 1 basis and judges them based on their own personality their own behavior their own choices their own actions and in general the way they live their life but a Collectivist judges groups based on their skin color and gender and only accept them or even recognise them as a human being only if they agree with them. Collectivists seperate people into 2 modes of being Master And Slaves Humans and non-humans Based On Obedience To Their Ideologies.
A true Individualist doesn’t get tyranised and don’t tyranise either.
He doesn’t get enslaved and don’t enslave either.
He doesn’t Conform and he doen’t allow others to conform to him either.
Governments are always left leaning because the state is a form of forced coercive collectivism, and they treat leftists like a pedophile treats his/her victims they offer you candy (welfare healthcare food stamps and other goodies) just as long as you get on the van and be dependent on them thus allowing them to rape you forever

There Are 4 Types Of People In This World:

  1. People Who Act

 -Entrepreneurs *They Start Businesses Take Risks And Are Innovators Like Donald Trump

2) People Who React To The Ones Who Act

  • Government Parasites (Communists) Every Time The Free Market Creates New Industries & New Wealth Their Goal Is Either To Steal It.

3) People Who Watch The Two Above

These Are The General Public, They Just Follow Charismatic Leaders. They Do What They Are Told, That’s Why They Fall For Sociopthic Con-men So Easily Like Obama & Clinton

4) People Who Write And Talk About What They Watch

  • Media Newpapers & Critics In General
  • Every Time The Productive People Do Things That Benefit Themselves & Society In General. They Want To Destroy It, Because They Are Jealous Since Their Self-Worth Is Much Bigger Than Their Actual Accomplishments + Most Of Them Are Shills Guns For Hire Anyway.

Communism Is Like Spanking.

Both Communism And Spanking Work At First Glance.

Communism Seems To Work Because The Communist Regime Redistributes All The existing Wealth Created By The Free Market Policies Of The Past. But A Few Years After The Free Market Policies Have Been Replaced By Communist Policies Of Heavy Taxation And Hyper-Regulation The Middle Class Starts Dying Small Businesses Get Choked Along With Small Banks So Young Entrepreneurs Can’t Get Loans To Start A New Business Thus Innovation Starts Dying And Eventually After 20 To 30 years You Become Venezuela.

Spanking Also Seems To Work For The First 10 Min. Because It’s Compliance Via Fear. But The Behavior Continues After A While And It Usually Intensifies, Because The Kid Has Learned Anything The Kid Doesn’t Understand What He/She Did Wrong. What They Get Out Of Spanking Is: If I Do Something My Mother Doesn’t Like I Get Hit. This Might Earn You Temporary Compliance But You Eventually Lose The Trust Of Your Kids And When They Grow Up And Understand That Spanking And Yelling Is In Reality Sadistic Abuse They end Up Hating You & Your Relationship With Them Is Terrible And Superficial Or Non- Existent